We are a full-service healthcare law firm, working primarily with pharmacy and pharmaceutical clients helping them to stay on top of their legal compliance, preserve their licensing, and build a strong legal foundation.

We help healthcare providers in the following areas:


  • Government Investigations: DEA, FDA, FBI, HHS,
  • Board of Pharmacy and Medical Board
  • Third-party payors audits: PBM, Medicaid & Medicare
    • Representation in cases of termination of provider agreements
    • Audit preparation
    • Post-audit mitigation & negotiation
    • Credentialing, re-credentialing, and reinstatements
  • Internal audits and investigations


  • Marketing & Distribution Agreements
  • Vendor and Service Agreements
  • Compounding Services
  • Sale or Acquisition of Practice Agreements
  • Pharmaceutical Research
  • PBM Contracts


  • Board of Pharmacy, Medical Board, FDA and DEA regulations
  • PBM contracts and manuals
  • HIPAA and state privacy laws
  • Anti-Kickback statutes and False Claims Acts


  • Initial licensure & license renewals: Durable Medical Suppliers, Medicare, Medicaid, Pharmacy, Physicians, Drug Wholesalers, Clinics
  • Advising on licensure restrictions
  • Multiple jurisdictions licensing
  • Representation in disciplinary matters: Board of Pharmacy, Medical Board