I will be discussing hot topics in controlled substances prescribing, administering, and dispensing at the next ABA Health Law conference on June 8th in Chicago. A DEA’s special agent in charge will join me and will describe new trends in DEA’s audits, registration, and explain some red flags that can put you on the DEA’s radar.

I will focus on some “hot topics” in the controlled substances legal arena, such as:

  • DEA registration, suspension or revocation of registration (when do problems still arise?);
  • DEA inspections and enforcement proceedings;
  • Minimizing the risk of investigation and prosecution (strategies and collateral consequences);
  • Developments in e-prescribing and TeleHealth: DEA’s new proposed relaxed standards;
  • State PDMP laws and their effects on physicians;
  • Medical & Recreational marijuana dilemma for physicians: “legal-but-not-entirely-legal-status” and is it possible to comply with both state and federal law?

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