According to a CNBC report, Apple is negotiating a business deal with a medical clinic startup CrossOverhealth. If Apple acquires the startup, you may soon go to a local Apple store for a quick health check-up. CNBC also reports that Apple is currently discussing an acquisition of One Medical, a concierge medical group. One Medical is an innovative health startup conducting a vast majority of appointments through an app. Apple has already made claims that its products may aid in tracking and improving health conditions. For example, Apple Watch that can monitor and track health through sophisticated body sensors.

Apple has already entered healthcare arena with its HealthKit and ResearchKit, softwares designed to share health findings with providers and patients. USA Today reports that Apple is currently working on a non-invasive way to monitor blood sugar without piercing the skin. So Apple is definitely seizing a business opportunity in the most lucrative market and is making a strong attempt to fix some of the healthcare flaws with technologies.

Many skeptics, however, point to a huge difference between making software and hardware and managing a network of healthcare providers and navigating complex healthcare requirements and regulations (such as FDA regulations of digital health). On a separate note, hacking of medical devices has recently increased and Apple will have to consider this factor when it starts mass producing medical devices. See the blog on hacking medical devices.