Natalia will be speaking at the largest pharmacy law conference organized by the American Society for Pharmacy Law.  The subject of her talk is “Your Pharmacy is Being Audited by DEA – Complying, Defending, and Prevailing!” Natalia will focus on:

– differences between DEA’s administrative actions and criminal prosecution;

– how to avoid the case being sent to the Department of Justice;

– tips on negotiating a DEA settlement;

– considerations affecting the decision to surrender the registration or continue with a hearing;

– pharmacies’ armed robberies, night burglaries, customer thefts, employee pilferage – prevention  techniques;

– common mistakes in controlled substances record-keeping;

– trends in controlled substances state laws, comparison with federal law;

– key components of risk management program and audit plan;

– DEA’s arsenal to enforce the Controlled Substances Act, such as False Claims Act;

– Recent DEA cases against pharmacies, common patterns.

A former DEA’s Special Agent in Charge – Dennis Wichern – will join her in discussing the DEA’s updates and trends.