Our hearts go to all affected by wildfires raging through California. Thousands are evacuated and in need of medical care and access to medications. While we acknowledge our first responders, we must also show appreciation to our pharmacists responding to the disaster. They are working tirelessly at the front lines helping vulnerable patients, providing medications, and working in shelters. I witnessed many brave pharmacists and technicians working without any compensation, helping day-and-night, delivering medications to their affected communities.

The latest updates on California fires. 

As communities are evacuated, pharmacy personnel may have questions regarding pharmacy relocation, transportation and storage of medications offsite, security of dangerous drugs and devices, etc.

Pharmacists working with other healthcare providers in shelters or at emergency clinics may have questions regarding mobile pharmacies, compliance with California law on emergency pharmacy services, refill too soon issues, and potential legal exposures.

We want to help you make right decisions and stand by you as much as you stand with the affected communities. We offer free legal services if your pharmacy was impacted by the fires or if you are a pharmacist providing emergency services to all affected by the fire. Contact us now.  We are keeping everyone affected in our thoughts.