We are very excited to announce a launching of a website for pharmacy compliance: RxPolicy. It assists pharmacies with ever-growing compliance requirements. Pharmacies can download the pharmacy operational manual in full with automatic yearly updates or can just pick one policy. Policies will be updated on a yearly basis and new policies and documents to be added to comply with new requirements. At the moment, we are covering only California and federal/PBM requirements but we are expanding into other states. California policies – which are sent to pharmacies in Word via a downloadable link – could be used as templates for pharmacies located in other states (policies must be edited to reflect different states’ requirements).

The idea to create a compliance platform arose when we had too many requests from clients to provide compliance documents required by new PBM manuals (such as a cultural competency training or PA agreements). Such documents are usually not a part of the pharmacy manual. There are other platforms providing compliance documents. Most of them, however, require yearly subscriptions and do not allow pharmacies to purchase only one policy. So we saw a need for a platform where pharmacies can obtain and customize various policies and documents. Each purchase comes with a 15-minute consultation to discuss customization.

Besides policies and procedures, additional documents are available from RxPolicy, such as prior authorization agreements, Board of Pharmacy inspection checklists, cultural competency training, and others. If you do not see what you are looking for, we want to hear from you.