In the most recent Script newsletter, the California State Board of Pharmacy explained that it received multiple complaints and observed practices where non-pharmacist staff were initiating the immunization process. It reminded that the authority to independently initiate and administer a vaccination extends only to pharmacists.  The Board strongly encouraged pharmacies, designated pharmacists-in-charge, and pharmacists to evaluate their practices of initiating and administering vaccinations and take immediate corrective actions. Based on some of our cases, the Board has issued multiple citations/fines to non-compliant pharmacies.

If your pharmacy administers immunization, review your policies, train your staff, update any written procedures, and prepare immunization forms, if necessary.

To remind, Cal, Business & Professions Code 4052.8 requires that pharmacists performing immunization (1) complete an immunization training program endorsed by the CDC or the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education; (2) be certified in basic life support, (3) comply with all state and federal recordkeeping and reporting requirements.

You can download our Immunization policy and procedure here.