Pharmacy terminations based on aberrant quantities and products are becoming more and more prevalent. It is difficult to appeal such terminations due to broad definitions of aberrant products/quantities and PBMs’ excessive discretion on what constitutes such products and volumes.

For example, PBM manuals usually state that Provider “must not dispense aberrant quantities of” certain products “and/or high volume of claims within a therapeutic category (e.g. topicals, dermatologicals), as measured by number of claims, quantity dispensed or dollars, inconsistent with the habits of local Prescribers or Plan Sponsors formularies.” This is a very broad definition and does not give much guidance to the providers. Plus, it gives PBMs an exclusive discretion to determine what aberrant quantities are.

Based on my experience, anything above 10% could be classified as aberrant. In most cases, however it’s 25% or more  of the provider’s claims or dollars.

Also watch your reversals, as PBMs usually count them towards calculating aberrant volumes. While there is nothing in the manuals clarifying this issue (besides a provision that aberrant volume may be calculated on a number of claims), this issue has not been clarified in a legal proceeding. Therefore, it is recommended that the amount you bill to PBMs (not necessarily dispense) does not exceed 25% of your total claims billed (including reversals).