Keeping accurate records for controlled substances often presents a challenge.  The Controlled Substances Act requires every pharmacy to maintain complete and accurate records on a current basis for each controlled substance received, sold, delivered, or otherwise disposed of.

This closed system is supposed to reduce the potential for diversion of controlled substances (“CS”).

But in reality, it is often difficult to implement effective inventory management. For example, the Department of Justice press releases are full of settlements with pharmacies that failed to keep accurate inventories and records concerning the distribution of CS.

In my practice, I often see pharmacy owners struggling to reconcile CS discrepancies discovered. Often, the manual count shows different amounts than what the software shows. And some pharmacists still use good old logbooks, which are extremely tedious and time-consuming to keep. This is a reason I want to introduce a new product designed to simplify and improve CS inventory management: C2 Keep. The team – consisting of a pharmacist and tech developers – claims that the product helps make pharmacist’s life easier by eliminating the logbook and digitally tracking CS. In addition the software also:

–  has a built-in calculator and the ability to scan barcodes (to improve the accuracy of the transactional data);

– integrates with the pharmacy software and streamlines filling process;

– prevents diversion by disabling data deletion/modification;

– assists during DEA, Board of Pharmacy, or PBM audits by quickly presenting the data you need (including biennial report);

– supports reporting diversion.


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