While we are facing less issues in Covid-related prescribing and dispensing, the controversy around ivermectin continues. In my blog post “Risk of dispensing ivermectin,” I stressed the importance of obtaining informed consent prior to dispensing ivermectin.

On the same note, a legal action was filed in Arkansas against a prescriber (among others) for treating patients (inmates) with ivermectin without prior informed consent. The complaint alleges that the county and the prescriber undertook research on the inmates to better understand how ivermectin might help treat Covid symptoms. Allegedly, the inmates experienced side effects, including mental and emotional trauma. According to the complaint, the prescriber sought to obtain informed consent retroactively. This is just another case to stress the importance of obtaining informed consent especially prior to prescribing/dispensing novel medications/treatment. I usually recommend pharmacies to obtain informed consent for any injections, vaccination, and other services which may result in serious side effects.