As prescription drug spending continues to increase, governments continue to scrutinize arrangements between pharmaceutical companies, healthcare providers, assistance programs, and patients. For example, recently, two non-profit foundations – Chronic Disease Fund, Inc. (“CDF”) and Patient Access Network Foundation (“PANF”) – have agreed to pay $2 million and $4 million, respectively, to resolve allegations that they

A recent report released by California health officials revealed that drug prices are still on the rise – even despite California’s drug-price transparency laws aimed at curbing drug cost.

In 2017, California passed a drug-price transparency law that requires manufacturers to notify its customers at least 60 days in advance if they plan to increase

Last month, California Governor signed the most comprehensive drug pricing transparency bill in the nation. SB-17 is intended to promote transparency in drug pricing, reduce overall healthcare spending, and shine light on how drugs are priced. Under the new law, drug manufacturers, PBMs, health plans, and insurers operating in California are required to report drug

Unlike most countries, the U.S. does not regulate drug pricing but allows the market to set them according to demand. On numerous occasions, the U.S. Congress sided with the pharmaceutical industry and failed to pass laws that would change how drugs are priced. In addition, the Trump administration has delayed the implementation of a rule